Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother

My mom was amazing.  She lost her sight and had three small kids. 

We did what kids imagine raising kids without your sight.  I tried to do  this when I had kids of my can see when they are putting pennies in the light socket, or riding their bikes off the roof or painting the neigbors dog green.  Nevermind stuff like choking on a french fry, breaking a wrist, playing with matches...the possibilities are limitless.  It frightened me and all I had to do was open my eyes.

My mother needed to read,  so she learned braille, she need to learn how to cook again, she did.  She rode the bus and navigated the local college campus...on her own.  I can't imagine stepping foot outside, let alone riding a bus??

She did.  She cooked, she sewed, she rode the bus...then she got a Guide Dog and we were in heaven.  A dog!  We used to put the harness on Enid and she'd pull us on our roller skates.  So much fun, till she saw a cat and then the real adventure came!!! did scaped knees and elbows.

Home was were mom was and as we grew older and found homes of our own, there was nothing like cramming into my mom's tiny home and celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving.  She'd make the dinner herself and then listen while her kids and grandkids opened their gifts.  This was her joy.

She always had a shoulder to lean on, she always had the just the right words to say.  She'd give you the shirt off her back...she was not only beautiful, she was kind and gracious, she was smart, creative, fun and amazing!!!

I can't believe she is gone.

My mother passed away on August 2, 2010

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