Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day at Sea

The thought of cremation made me cringe.  ...all the thoughts that go with it, who picks up the body, where do they take it, what happens next?

I have to say all my questions, concerns and worries were answered by The Omega Society.  They were wonderful to work with, they answered all my dumb questions and helped make the arrangements...Every step was covered and nothing was left to question.

We decided on cremation that day, in the hospital...moments after we were told my mother had passed away.  OMG!  My mind is still having trouble believing she is gone...but to talk about Funerals, Arrangements or Cremation!?  My Aunt Val called my Aunt Char (her husband was my mom's brother - he passed away from VHL too). and asked her about Uncle Bill's Ceremony.  His ashes were scattered at sea.  I wanted my mother to be with her brother.  She loved the ocean.

I'm not sure what we'd have done without my Aunt Val.  I wouldn't have known which steps to take or when.  She took our hand and led us through.  My youngest daughter made all the calls the next day and we met at the hospital to sign the final paperwork.  We visited the church...a church that my daughter's belonged to and who had agreed to do the service for free.

We cried as we thanked them. Abundant Living Family Church ~ I can not thank them enough. They were ever so patient as we gathered in their lobby and went on and on about how we would like the service to go. They explained the service and we decided on a slideshow....again, I have to remind you, that they were very patient. The assistant pastor Karen had another meeting to go to...but she held our hands and explained what would happen at the memorial. Pastor Coffey came and we held hands and prayed.

The Omega Society picked up our mother, cremated her, and arranged for the yacht "White Light" to pick up her cremains to be scattered sea.

On Saturday, (a beautiful, sunny day) August 21, 2010 at about 12:30pm...we scattered my mother's ashes at sea, off the coast of Newport Beach, in the bay.

The Captain read a poem and gave us each a single Red Rose. 

My niece, Tori helped the Captain gently open the box, and let the wind take her...take her to destinations unknown.  We tossed roses and lei's and dried flowers.  We we said our good-byes.

One of the lei's moved on top of the water and created a heart shape...I know my mother was finally free.

After circling several times in a Circle of Tribute...we headed back to the harbor.

It was a moving way to say good-bye...

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