Monday, September 20, 2010

Miss You...Again

I miss you everyday.  ...and I still cry.

Shana found a couple of new photos of you and us. 

I really like this one, because you're smiling.  You look happy.

I loved it when we would have "our talks"...about nothing special, just gabbing.  Our topics would range from; the kids, the grand kids to books you were reading or what ever was on the news.

We used to do crossword puzzles.  We'd crack each other up...when we "knew the word" but couldn't spit it out.  The you or I would call the other at midnight or some crazy hour, just to "spit it out".  It would make us crazy until we found the answer.  Then we'd crack up again.

I loved hearing your voice, your laugh...I could hear you smile through the phone.

I loved it when you'd tell us stories.  We were younger, about 10, 9 and 6 years old, and you'd tell us stories about us when we were babies, or when we'd do silly things.  We'd sit on the floor, at your feet and laugh till we cried.

I remember when you'd draw for us.  You'd sketch out whatever cartoon character we named.  Then later I tried and tried to copy your drawing.  You were an amazing artist.  I love to draw, but I haven't got the talent you had.
I know you missed drawing. 

I miss your voice. 

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