Monday, December 13, 2010


VHL / FAMILY HISTORY (Highlighted = VHL Diagnosis)

William "Will" Eggert Sierks (10/13/1893-5/7/1944)
VHL- no diagnosis but cause of death was Adrenal Carcinoma

Fred M. Sierks  (-2/2/ 1916)
VHL – no diagnosis but cause of death was exhaustion due to paralysis subsequent to syringomyelia (cyst in spinal cord), with cystitis a contributing factor

Frederick William Sierks (3/17/1917-7/6/1958)
VHL – never diagnosed. Deceased. Blind, High Blood Pressure and Anxiety Attacks
                William Roscoe Bovee (Sierks) (1/19/1938-2/16/1981)
                VHL-  Diagnosed in 1962 - Retinal Angioblastomas, Renal Cell Carcinoma (deceased)
                                Amy Bovee
                                VHL – Diagnosed in 1980 – Retinal Angioblastomas, Endolymphatic Sac Tumors
                                                Luke Jenson
                                                VHL – Diagnosed in 1996 – Retinal Angioblastomas
Marianne Bovee (Sierks) (7/31/1939-8/2/2010)
VHL- Diagnosed in 1962 - Retinal Angioblastomas with full retinal detachment, Pheochromacytoma (never removed), Hemangioblastoma on the brain stem (died in surgery)
                                Suellen Ruth Garrison (5/10/1958-)
                                VHL- Diagnosed in 1993 - Retinal Angioblastomas, Scar Tissue in Lungs, Lesion on Kidney
                                                Shandria Nicole Hicks (3/20/1975-)
VHL- Diagnosed in 1994 - Tumors in Cerrabellum (multiple surgeries 1994,1995,2000,2007, 2011), BP Shunt,  cysts on Kidneys, cysts on Pancreas
                                                                Davonte Hicks-Parsha (4/10/1994-)
                                                                VHL- Diagnosed in 2006 - Pheochromacytoma (adrenalectomy 2007)
                                                Kiedryn Dioneyse Hicks (2/7/1978-) NO VHL
                                                Rolando Juan Tolentino Jr (3/17/1983-) UNKNOWN
                                Steven Robert Garrison (10/14/1959-)
                                VHL – Diagnosed in 1993 – Retinal Angioblastomas
                                                Adam Joseph Chenkus
                                                VHL – Diagnosed in 1993 – Pheochromacytoma (adrenalectomy 1993)
                                                Victoria Michelle Garrison (8/29/1982-) UNKNOWN
                                Robin Anne Garrison (7/18/1962-) UNKNOWN

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