Saturday, October 23, 2010

I wanted to call you...

And say, I thought of you while in San Francisco.

I remember when you went to San Raphael to get Enid.  You brought me back two charms for my charm bracelet.  The San Francisco Bridge and a man panning for gold.

I imagined how it must have been for you.  Exciting to travel, exciting to meet a new friend who would guide you down your path.  And scary not being able to see.  That big unknown.

I still miss you everyday...

I love San Francisco.  I love the ocean. I say "Hi" everytime I see the ocean.  I'm so grateful when I see dolphins playing in the surf.  I feel close to you there.

I think about our last day together, your birthday...I wish I had known it would be our last day with you.

Your family loved you so much!!!  Everyone misses you.

I miss you mom!

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